A Bad Moms Christmas – absolutely hilarious from start to finish

So i’m one of those people that slept on the first Bad Moms movie and I am kicking myself for it. I watched it about a month ago when I heard about this movie coming out. When i saw the original i was amazed at how perfect it was and how true to life it was. Mom’s deal with a lot of pressure to be perfect and to make sure that their kids don’t turn out to be messed up serial killers.

This sequel is absolutely phenomenal and starts with the moms all just wanting to have a nice relaxing, do nothing holiday season, but ends up not being that easy especially since their moms add a lot of unneeded stress in the mix.  The best part of it is that no matter what kind of mother you had growing up, the perfectionist, the superfan or the absentee it touches on relationships with all of them.

The entire movie is all laughs and absolute amazingness. It has a hot stripper santa!!! that in itself is absolutely worth the ticket to see it….not to mention Jay Hernandez is beyond yummy…Not only that but one of the greatest lessons that you can get from this movie is that none of us are perfect…sometimes all we can do is just be us.