“Atmosphere, it’s a ten letter word…”


Az The Beat was able to be a part of a sold out show, that took place in the heart of downtown Flagstaff. Sean Daley, also known as his stage name “Slug”, was able to bring together the underground hip-hop scene, even at 30° weather. The true Minnesota, Atmosphere fans waitied outside for doors to open, snow and all, falling from the sky. With opening acts such as Dj Keezy, The Lioness, and Dem Atlas, the roots of Minneapolis were felt throught the Rhymesayers community. Once the time arrived for Atmosphere to hit the stage, fans were eagar, and long waiting to hear their favorite beats drop by the famous Ant, who does produce all of Atmosphere’s work, along with many other artist and collaborative projects. Sean walked to the front of the stage as soon as Ant dropped the beat, and the show was in full effect. The crowd reflectivly sent back the words to every classic, with loud voices and faces of excitement. “Sunshine”, “God Loves Ugly”, along with other hits were played, and had everyone spitting, word for word. As always, Sean and Ant always kill it with their set list, and Az The Beat is more than excited for them to continue their “Mi Vida Local” tour throughout the U.S. and globe. We can’t wait to see what new projects Rhymesayers has in store for us in 2019.


Photos and Article By : Kat Cruz