Bad Times at the El Royale is an Excellent time spent at the theater

SO originally when I saw the trailer for this movie I thought, ok, looks interesting…oh wait there’s Chris Hemsworth…oh and he’s barely wearing a shirt. Hell yeah!

I really didn’t know much about this movie except that it looked like an interesting thriller and the cast had some nice names such as Jeff Bridges, Jon Hamm and of course Chris Hemsworth. The cast alone made me excited to see it along with the dark undertones that the trailer gave. I can honestly say that I think this has been my favorite movie so far of the year. It has a lot of Tarantino like overtones along with some amazing twists. It reminded me a lot of the movie “Go” where it’s one main story that also incorporates all the strangers stories as well.

The movie has an amazing pace to it that allows you to learn about each of the inhabitants of the rooms, one by one, and then intertwining all of them as well. Not only that but there are a bunch of different ‘wtf’ moments that make you jump or laugh which i really like. It definitely keeps you on your toes and in a time when every movie is a remake of something and as predictable as the Globetrotters winning a game, it’s nice to have a breath of fresh air….granted a bloody one, but damn is it amazing!

Go see it next weekend when it hits theaters, you won’t be disappointed.