‘Fantastic Beasts: Crimes of Grindelwald’ – Potter fans will be delighted!!!

I was extremely excited for this movie to come out as; 1- i’m a fan of the Harry Potter series and I heard there were a lot of links to the Harry Potter series where the first one didn’t have that many. 2- the first ‘Fantastic Beasts” was good, but not amazing and I was hoping this would be better. 3- I absolute am in love with Nifflers….cute little chubby creatures that like shiny things…it’s almost like if I were a mythical creature. lol

This movie definitely does not disappoint at all! the effects are absolutely phenomenal, the plot is amazing and opens up for all of the Harry Potter movies along with getting into dark moments in muggle history as well. It raises some good questions and it includes the same amazing characters that were in the first ‘Fantastic Beasts. I’m not going to lie at the end of the first movie when Jacob got oblivated (had his memories of all the magic erased) it made me really sad, I liked the character and his interactions with Queenie and was excited that they were both in this movie again.

If you’re looking for a magical time and a good 2 hour escape from the chaos of the world go check out this movie it’s an excellent time in a magical world and it opens up this weekend.