Men in Black: International – A Good ole fun time…

I had little hopes that this film would be good at all. I just figured it was a tired out franchise trying to make another dollar using the hotness of Chris Hemsworth and Tessa Thompson (totally forgot that these 2 were Asgardian cohorts in the Marvel Universe). However I must say that what i thought was going to be an over hyped waste of my time actually ended up being a delightful, hilarious movie.

First off what I really like is that although it does pay some homage and mention to the original Men in Black movies, it is not a sequel to them and you don’t have to have even seen them in order to enjoy this film. It reminded me a little of how the new Jumanji movie was a stand alone in it’s own right as well. Secondly even though there are A LOT of special effects, it’s not soooo overly done that it takes too much away from the movie causing it to just be a CGI jumble.  The partnership dynamics between Hemsworth and Thompson aren’t like how Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones did it. It definitely doesn’t have the same sort of sarcastic back and forth and those strict undertones, however it still has it’s funny moments, in a somewhat gentler way. The addition of a cute little alien nicknamed “Pawny” voiced by Kumail Nanjiani also adds a lot of comic dynamic to the movie as well. All and all it’s a good time at the theater, you have a decent story line, some awesome special effects, lots of laughs and Chris Hemsworth on the screen for your viewing pleasure. What more could you ask for?

So go check out Men in Black: International in theaters June 14th.