Pet Semetary- An interesting twist on a cult classic

I’m still a little torn between whether or not I actually like this movie. Part of me did really like it for what it is at face value, an awesome horror movie with a nice blend of dark humor. The other part of me constantly thought while watching it; “this isn’t right”, “that’s now how that’s supposed to happen” and “why would they do that?”.

So first off the positive. There are a lot of dark undertones, not to mention a lot of jump out of your seat moments as well. So when it comes to being an awesome horror movie it definitely locks that down. Like I said the other good thing is there are some really funny moments in the movie as well. Almost like the remake of IT, the comedy helps you get through some of the intense scary parts and is very much welcomed. The cast is phenomenal and do an exceptional job on the screen. I was actually in shock watching because I have no idea how, but the kid they cast as Gage looked IDENTICAL to the original Gage from the 1989 movie. Down right beyond creepy!

So the not so great things. If you’re a fan of the book or even the first movie and expect this to be just a newer version of those….stop now. While they do follow some of the same plot points, they change around a lot of the pieces and fit things how they want them to play out. I feel like they almost made some of these changes just for the ability to make things a little bloodier.

All and all the movie definitely is entertaining and is a good thriller, however, the ending will either make or completely break the movie for you. Personally the ending to me was beyond cringe worthy, however I heard other people happy with it as it was a break from the norm.

Either way it’s worth a watch and hits theaters this weekend.