Soundset 2019!

Soundset started 11 years ago, and has grown massivley throughout that time. From planting their seed in the Metrodome parking lot, (yes, it all started in a parking lot) to now being held at the Minnesota State Fair Grounds, a tremendous jump! Crazy to think that this “mini” hip-hop festival went from having 12,000 in the crowd, to over 30,000 people from all over the country attending this music festival. If you are someone like myself, who truly devotes time and energy to this music culture, Soundset is the festival you’d want to be apart of. Sean Daley, better known as Slug from Atmosphere, is the co-founder to Rhymesayers Entertainment (record lable) and sponsors Soundset each and every year. This year, Sean and his crew are celebrating the 12th year of live entertainment, insane! Slug runs Soundset and has given many of the greatest living artsit, a platform where your talent is valued. Respectfully, you’ll see the crowd welcome your art. But not only do “big” names make it to the line up, Sean and his team feel that it is meaningful to truly live up to their expectations, and bring some of best talents are they are. DJ’s, break dancers, lyricist, muralist, are all given a chance to represent their work, from displaying it, to preforming. The Pharcyde, Mf Doom, Immortal Technique, Mac Miller, Logic, Wu Tang Clan, De La Soul, Lupe Fiasco, Snoop Dogg, J. Cole, T.I, Jaden Smith, G-Eazy, are just a few of the influentil names that have taken the stage at Soundset in the past. A true hip-hop atmosphere is felt and brought to life every year. This being my second year attending, I was more than moved to come back. Eagered to grasp and witness art in the making…for the second time. The fairgrounds and offical gates opened up at 11 a.m. with hundreds already waiting in line, excited and anticipating every mintue. Once gates opended, instantly music and live DJ’s started blaring their music, which was heard all over the grounds. Food trucks, stages, fair rides, live art, yoga tent, and much more was commenced. Throughout the day, there was talent being brought to each and every stage, and the crowds at each stage were absorbing their passion for live entertainment. Being present all day, from start to finish, was an experience. From Prof killin his preformance, having the ENTIRE crowd go savage, Doja Cat catching everyone’s eye with her lushes neon pink hair, DMX not giving any F***** climbing on speakers, G-Eazy preaching how grateful he felt to go from being an opening act, to being one of the headliners this year, finally to Lil Wayne actually showing up, (12 mins late, but didn’t pull a Lil Uzi) and having every single person singing back his lyrics. Rain or Shine is always strongly promoted in all of Soundset’s advertisements, and the only rain I saw was the tears running down my face as the festival came to an end, the rest of it was all shine. This festival truly has been all I ever imagined it’d be since the age of 16. Rain or Shine, huh? Rain AND Shine, 2020. Until then, enjoy these photos, all shine!

Article and Photos by : Kat Cruz