Tag – you need to go see this movie!!! It’s amazing!!!!

So first off i have to admit that i’ve been stalking this movie since i first heard about it back in March when i first saw a preview for it. I was intrigued by it saying that it was based on a true story and I was even more excited because I have a major crush on Jeremy Renner (he’s soooo hot). So going into the screening for it, I already had high high expectations for this film and can honestly say it surpassed all of them!

I actually did my research on the real life story about these guys and it’s so intriguing (watch the attached video, it’s amazing). The movie is based off the real life story of 10 friends from high school that played tag and just kept it going in their adult life as well. The movie is based off their story, but not exact, as there are some difference, like real life was 10 people, tag the movie has 5, played by an absolutely hilarious cast of Ed Helms, Jeremy Renner, Jake Johnson, Jon Hamm and Hannibal Buress along with some amazing supporting ladies like Isla Fisher, Leslie Bibb and Annabelle Wallis.

The entire movie is filled with laughs, some of which might be kinda dark, but still hilarious none the less. I thought the new Deadpool movie was one of the most hilarious movies i’ve seen, this flick however blew it out of the water.

So if you’re looking for an awesome laugh and a good time…(even leaves you with some warm fuzzies too) go check out the movie Tag hitting theaters Thursday, June 14th.