The Disaster Artist!!! Pure AmazeBallz!!!

So i personally am not a huge fan of the Holiday season when it comes to movies. It seems every Dec we get hit with a bunch of random rom-coms, animated tear jerkers and family films that make you think that your family might have been one step away from being committed. This film however is pure amazement. I never saw the original movie “the Room” until a week before i got to check out the screening. The original movie is the definition of so bad it’s good…it’s actually so beyond bad it’s amazing. It’s got a cult following and the one thing i’m upset about is why did i never see it before?!?!?!

So this movie is literally about the making of a movie. which i know at first sounds a little confusing, but it is beyond amazing. The Franco brothers, especially James, nail their real life characters PERFECTLY. It’s beyond entertaining and i noticed that my cheeks were actually sore from laughing so much. I recommend watching the original movie first to catch some of the references, but even without watching it, you’ll still laugh. It goes into the life of the filmmaker Tommy Wiseau, who is so weird you couldn’t even make it up. The cameos are beyond amazing and the it legit is a heartfelt story about friendship and and passion. When you check it out make sure to stay through the credits as they do a bunch of side by side scenes from the original movie and from what The Disaster Artist cast did and it is so incredible.