The Kid Who Would Be King hitting theaters today!

For anyone looking for a good wholesome family movie, well look no farther than The Kid Who Would be King. It’s an awesome adventure film that younger kids would enjoy. It definitely reminded me of a Goonies style movie, where it focuses around a group of kids who aren’t necessarily friends but they find themselves on an amazing adventure together where they have to work together and look after each other in order to survive. It’s definitely made for a younger audience but will keep parents entertained as well.

The movie revolves around a 12-year-old named Alex who finds a sword in the middle of a torn down building and is able to pull it from a stone that it is stuck in. Hence him becoming a newer version of King Arthur. Then in walks Merlin, or ‘Mertin” the name he gave himself in order to cleverly hide his identity, played by Angus Imrie (who is ABSOLUTELY AMAZING) and an older version played by Patrick Stewart, who helps Alex recognize his destiny. He helps lead Alex and his best friend Bedders, along with bullies turned allies Lance and Kaye on their adventerous path and helps them along the way.

One of the greatest things that I liked about this movie was that it sent a good message to kids and taught them about the Knights Code – Fight with Honor, Protect your friends, Tell the Truth & Never Give Up. It taught some valuable lessons to be honest to your friends and your family and to always look out after each other which is good for kids to hear.

So if you’re looking for an excellent movie to take your kid to without gratuitous violence or an overabundance of singing animals….make sure to go check out The Kid Who Would Be King in theaters 1-25-19.