Widow’s – a lovely little crime caper with some twists.

If you’re looking for a good drama/suspense movie to get your mind off the upcoming holidays “Widows” is an excellent thrill ride that definitely entertains. Viola Davis is amazing through and through and Michelle Rodriguez brings an almost softer grittiness to the screen as well. It’s a very smart crime caper with a female twist that has a lot of “oh hell no’ moments in it as well. As awesome as Viola and Michelle are in the flick, I have to say that the stand out actress with me is Elizabeth Debicki, who plays the role of Alice, the trophy wife who was in an abusive relationship and who never really knew how to do anything for herself. If anything I feel like this movie was an excellent life lesson for underdogs, showing them that it’s never to late make something better of yourself….even if it does involve a highly illegal robbery (prob not the best idea in real life but you get what i mean). The only one issue that I had with this movie was a huge hole in the plot….So the main character Veronica (Viola Davis) is so worried that she has to pay back this mobster 2 million dollars that her husband stole from him that she is planning this last heist….however in the entire movie she’s rocking a MASSIVE ring on her finger that has to be worth at least a million along with huge diamond earrings and more. If I owed a mobster 2 million and either had to attempt to pull off a robbery or sell some jewelry…i think i’d prob do the latter. It comes out in theaters this weekend so make sure to go check it out.